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deviation in storage by VampireGodesNyx
deviation in storage by VampireGodesNyx
I got tagged by :iconstarlene: I'm soooorrry please forgive me I forgot it but I'm doing that as you see :C Soo please please PLEASE forgive me :please:

1. Answer the 10 questions, made by your tagger.
2. Then type up 10 new questions, and tag 10 people to answer them.
3. They can be random questions, but musn't be anything rude or sexual.

So these are my not so satisfying but answers:

1. What piece of art in your dART gallery are you the most proud of?
I really don't know..maybe the angel.The truth is,I'm really lazy or I just forget to scan my arts soooo I'm such a lazy bastard

2. Which is the most underappreciated piece in your gallery?
...what?Okay uderappreciated...what a word..what does it mean?Ahh I think that it means "alábecsült" soo heyy..Én becsülöm alá vagy más? O__o

3. Which is your favourite item in your room?
My favourite item is uhm maybe my books?No no okay.My bed.I love my bed

4. Where would you go on a holiday trip of your dreams, and what would you do when you got there?
London.And when I go there I buy the whole Doctor Who and Harry Potter things in London.Aaaand I really want to watch some of the musicals :D

5. If you could have dinner with any five people in the world, dead or alive, who would you dine with?
Edward Hyde,the Death from Elisabeth,the Doctor,the Master and Javert.It would be really weird...they'd shout to each other :D

6. If you could spend a day in the world of any book, movie, TV show, game, play, musical... Where would you spend your day?
Uhm maybe in the HP books because I want to be a witch or uhm a cool vampire in Sárkányvér(Dragonblood or something like that muaaah that's a Hungarian book)

7. Do you have any scars?
spiders SPIDERS spiderrrz

8. What is the best concert/gig/play/musical/etc. you've attended?
Les Mis was WOAAAH I really enjoyed it I want to see again and again :heart:

9. Your favourite piece of clothing?
Is my hat with an owl.That's an owl really and everyone who sees it grins to me :grins:

10. Your favourite ice cream flavour, or, if you don't eat ice cream, favourite juice?
I like everything what's ice cream except rice ice cream :S

I tag: :icondrahiny: :iconsamokwolf: and :iconlucifer105: and 7 random girl/boy..oh that's so sad

And the questionsss(in Hungarian because just I said so):

1.Kik a kedvenc karaktereid?
2.Mi a kedvenc ételed?(most miért is ne :D)
3.Milyen fajta könyveket szeretsz?Kedvenc könyv?
4.Fakarl vagy Dzsabor?Harry vagy Voldemort?Günther(Klaus) vagy Stefan?Kaprikornusz(Kopernikusz a fene belé XD) vagy Elinor?Vámpír/farkas/boszorkány?
5.Hát igen ugyanaz:Mitől félsz a legjobban?
6.Kedvenc tantárgy?Egyáltalán akármi?
7.Ha lehetne egy szuperképességed,mi lenne az?
8.nincs több ötletem xd na jó kedvenc film amit meg akarsz velem nézetni? :D
9.Mit csinálsz amikor nem figyel senki? :P
10 és végre tíz.ja hát igen Mi az a film/musical/koncert/satöbbi amire nagyon szívesen elmennél?
  • Mood: Hopeless
  • Listening to: Elisabeth-Ma nagyot nőtt az árny&e
  • Reading: Murder on the Orient express
  • Watching: Doctor Who
  • Playing: rpg
  • Eating: my pen
  • Drinking: my tea..ooh that's gone


StellaLunaMoon's Profile Picture
catch me if you can
2.I really like musicals.
3.I read fantasy,detective stories and sci-fi (and sometimes romantic stuff) ♥
4.I try to draw :D
5.I like vampires.They are cool.And the Doctor.He is cool too. :D

Current Residence: Hungary
Favourite genre of music: musicals ^^ :D and everything...but musicals ♥
Operating System: Windows 7
Favourite cartoon character: Detective Conan,Miss Mallard
Personal Quote: "For my will is as strong as yours ... "

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